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Tumblr Pilipinas made another splash despite heavy rain showers

(Manila, Philippines) — A series of meet up events have been lined this year for the world’s largest community of Pinoy Tumblr.com users and one of them is the Luneta Picnic Meetup Year 2. It went through despite heavy rain showers before the event proper last March 31, 2012.

“They paid for the tickets and they should get what they paid for. This rain won’t stop us,” said by one of the organizers who crossed the flooded streets of Manila to get to their destination at “Kanlungan ng sining” Rizal Park while crying heavy loads of Meg, Inside Pinoy Showbiz, and Garage magazines along with the registration kits and freebies such as pins, ball pens, folded round fan, and other cool stuffs for the attendees.

Clint Andrew, one of the attendees said that he was expecting many attendees since its Tumblr Pilipinas which currently have 9,903 online members. He said that maybe the reason why there are only few people attended primarily because of heavy rain fall hours before the registration time. Many believe that the event was cancelled but nevertheless, people came and the meet up went through.

100+ people who came were group into 4 teams and led by two or three administrators of the Tumblr Pilipinas. The first activity was to introduce their selves within the group. This is the getting to know each other stage. They talked about certain things like what’s they usually post in their blogs, how they met other people, funny things that happened within the Tumblr Pilipinas community and more random facts about themselves. Clint said “Introducing myself is always an easy job for me. That’s why I think I nailed it. I just love meeting new friends that have the same interest as I have. It’s like you can connect to them easily.”

Other activities are the Cheering competition and “The New Charade” where each group will need to have one representative to browse the magazine of either Meg or Garage and look for a certain word and he/she will need to pass the message to the person in front of him/her until to the last person of their group and that last person will have his/her moment to play charades.

After hours of laughter and intense game activities, the attendees ate at the park ground, near the Central Park Lagoon a.k.a. Dancing Fountain along with the TP Executive Team with the foods provided by KFC. The cool breeze and nice views made it more memorable for the attendees.

It was indeed fun and very successful event said by the attendees. Not only they had fun but they were able to help kids. The attendees paid 100 pesos not only for the registration but also for the pencils as a donation for the #1millionpencilproject of the community. Now people can’t wait for the next splash of fun filled events organize by Tumblr Pilipinas. 

By Erick Pablo, TP Administrator

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Tumblr Pilipinas is celebrating its 10,000 members! Join here!

We will be giving away the following:

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We’ll be giving away One (1) free ticket (3 winners) for the Philippine exclusive premiere of the movie, ‘Battleship’, which will be on April 11th at Glorietta 3 cinema, sponsored by Solar Entertainment. Inclusive of refreshments.

Battleship will be on theaters nationwide (Philippines), April 12th.

Just tell us about your #tpluneta2012 experience and tag it accordingly. We’ll announce the winners on Sunday, April 8. The best and the most creative will win! Don’t forget to reblog this post to qualify. Promotional give away valid until April 6, Friday.


We’ll contact you via T.A. so keep your boxes open. 

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