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April 04, 2012: Featured Blogger of the day! 

Complete name: Mendoza, Kristina Marie D.

Short Description: A 16 year old shy type, humble and who’s vain in front of a camera. A person who easily gets annoyed with something against her wants, but easily gets happy and she don’t find smiling hard. :)

Hometown: Manila

School: Incoming student of Mapua Institute of Technology

Course: Interior Design

Member of TP since: 2012

Blogging since: 06/10/2011

Previous URLs (if any): chxnijawen, nagiinarteee

Why do you do blogging?:  I blog not for people, but for myself. Blogging is my only way to scream to the world what I can’t tell my family, friends and schoolmates. It’s my way to find new friends, share different thoughts to others. :)

Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/tetaillating 

Facebook account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1644135301 

Tumblr Account: http://tetailizing.tumblr.com/

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