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April 13, 2012: Featured Blogger of the day! 

Complete name: Sayuno, Cheeno Marlo M. 

Short Description: For one, I really find describing myself really hard, but I could say that I am extremely jolly sometimes and can be blatantly emotional all of a sudden. My blogging personality and who I am in person are in contrast. I don’t even know why. I enjoy writing and am a fan of cultural dances. I am an escapist and a friend. 

Hometown: Amadeo, Cavite 

School: Cavite State University/ SPi Global Inc. 

Course: BA Mass Communication Major in Journalism/ Copyeditor 

Member of TP since: 04/2012 

Blogging since: 08/2010 

Previous URLs (if any): hartrabology

Why do you do blogging?: Blogging has been my escape. I see blogging as this fata morgana that offers me what the real world fails to give. It provides me my battlefield with myself being the opponent. It keeps me going. It helps me express the things that are hard for me to actually say. My blog is an outburst of my seaweed-infested mind. Whatever I think and feel, I write. Sometimes, I would even share the things that I know, putting blogging a notch higher by helping others out in any way possible. I blog because I am trapped in this world and there’s no way out. I blog because I am not going anywhere anyway. 

Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/cheenosayuno 

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/cmmsayuno 

Tumblr Account: http://sirseaweedbrain.tumblr.com/

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