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April 11, 2012: Featured Blogger of the day! 

Complete name:  Estrellado, Rudstin, V. 

Short Description:  A seventeen-year old kid from the Pearl of the Orient. An OPM music junkie who you’ll always see wearing a red-orange Earphones, plugged into an ipod I call my watch. A Pinoy Art enthusiast.
Also a communications student trying to promote the Philippines through Food, Culture, and Places. My teasing smile always hides my true thoughts. I’m sarcastic, but witty. 

Hometown: Clifton, New Jersey 

School: Philippine Christian University 

Course: BS Mass Communication mj. in Broadcasting and Journalism 

Member of TP since:  08/2011 

Blogging since: 04/2011 

Previous URLs (if any): simplyobnoxious

Why do you do blogging?: By blogging, I show people my passion and talent for taking photographs and by that, I also share the beauty of what the Philippines and its people can offer to Foreign visitors and also to my fellow Filipinos. Everyone speak a common tongue when it comes to great food and I want to utilize that to connect with others in the form of blogging. 

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/paresatbp 

Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/paresatbp 

Tumblr Account: http://paresatbp.tumblr.com/

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