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April 12, 2012: Featured Blogger of the day! 

Complete name:  Serrano, Mercado Roi

Short Description: Singer, writer, student-leader, friend, blogger, and nerd. 

Hometown: Tarlac 

School: Mapua Institute of Technology 

Course: Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts and Sciences 

Member of TP since: 12/2011 

Blogging since: 12/2010 

Previous URLs (if any): -

Why do you do blogging?: I have been writing literary pieces since I was a kid and I never really intended to get publish or had the initiative to publish my pieces online. I always wanted to be a journalist and as I grew up, I realized that I cannot really pursue my dream to become a journalist so I just decided to have a blog dedicated to writing.

The name of my blog, thediaryofayoungman, was inspired not by Jeff Kinney’s The Diary of A Wimpy Kid, but by Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank, as one of my many influences, pushed me to put whatever I have written at my journal or diary and have them read by people, even if I just started having only a few hits for lengthy and meaningful compositions. These situations never hindered me to continue with what I am passionate about.

To set things straight, I do blogging to inspire others and let them know that there are still people out there who write.

Another thing is that, I have this segment called 10 Questions. It is a mock interview on different strangers, rarely known by anyone, or not even known at all. I want to let people have social awareness and inculcate in them the knowledge that people like them exist and some of them really define our society and the nation, as a whole. It’s a journalistic dream in progress. 

Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/roiserrano11 

Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/Roiserrano11 

Tumblr Account: http://thediaryofayoungman.tumblr.com/

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